Faith United Methodist Church
Sunday, December 15, 2019
To win new converts to Jesus Christ, unite them with other believers and instruct all in the church to apply God's Word in every area of life.



  • Beginning in our neighborhoods and reaching around the world with the Message of Christ. 
Missionary Money Supports:
  • Foreign missionaries in China, Africa, and Japan.
  • Local people with special needs including food, utility bill payments, prescriptions, lodging, crisis pregnancies, and home repairs.
  • Various age groups including Youth, Seniors, Campers, and Vacation Bible School.
  • Reaching the world through evangelism (i.e. Clyde Dupin Ministries and Living Word Outdoor Drama), benevolence, and conferences.
Missions Projects: 
Various projects and fund raisers have been undertaken to further the Gospel in our community and around the world.
  • Hats and gloves for schoolchildren
  • Grace Food Pantry
  • School supplies for local children
  • Supplies sent to missionaries in the Philipines