Faith United Methodist Church
Monday, August 03, 2020
Let all that you do be done in love. - 1 Corinthians 16:14
Missions Meeting February 6, 2012

Attending were:  Lynn Eichel, Susan George, Connie Minder, MaryAnn Bintliff, Julie Bott, Bonita Tainter, Joyce Marlatt, Darlene White, Laura White and Roni Simon

Connie Minder opened with prayer.  It was noted & welcomed that we have new members on the committee.

End of the 2011 year budget dispersment was reviewed.  The 2012 budget was discussed and adjusted accordingly.  Copy of budget is attached and will be taken to Ad Council for final approval.  Joyce  motioned to accept the budget,  Bonita 2nd.  Salvation Army Red Kettle bell ringing totals were also announced:  $693.90 was collected thru bell ringing; $281 was collected at Christmas Eve Service.

In coordination with the budget discussion, Joyce mentioned that our committee may be called upon to assist with the block party this summer.  This may not necessarily be a request for financial help, but support in other ways since it is an outreach event.

Meeting Dates for the year will be :   Tuesday, Mary 15th @ 6:30
Tuesday, August 21st @ 6:30
Thurs., October 18th @ 6:30 (end of year budget vote)

Julie announced that on Sunday, April 1st, Annette Ellwood will be giving a presentation during the service to bring enlightenment in regards to the Living Word.  Duane Lucas, who is a church member already involved in Living Word, has agreed to promote/attempt to recruit volunteers for participation in the play.  Our churches volunteer dates will be June 22 and 23.  We are encouraged to be active in this effort.

Discussion about the “Bridges Out of Poverty” session was held.   Julie reviewed its purpose & encouraged everyone it is very helpful and worth attending.  Jennifer Johnston-Baker is the presenter.  She will speak during worship on Sunday, April 1st.  She will be returning on March 11th to give a learning session after church – Salv. Army, Pentecostal Church, Redeeming Passions ministry have been invited.  Community will be welcome.  Lynn asked if teachers at South could be involved.. yes.  There will need to be light food/snack provided for the learning session.  Menu will be simple: tea, coffee, veggie tray, cookie, chips, and little sandwiches.  Julie will get information & RSVP information out to the other invited ministries, our church & Jean Warne for publicity in the paper.  RSVP date will be the 25th.  Once approximate # of attendees has been determined, committee members will sign up for food donations via either phone or short after church meeting.

Discussion was held concerning having a baby shower for the Open Arms Pregnancy Center to help furnish their boutique.  Slight background regarding the Center and boutique purposes were given.  It was decided rather than hold a “traditional” baby shower,  we will have a “baby bootie/shoe tree” and a “bassinet” offering day.  The tree will be placed at the front of the sanctuary  and decorated with baby shoes/booties (similar to the hat/mitten tree at Christmas).  Joyce will provide the tree.  The tree will be placed on April 15th for a visual/announcement.  The 29th a bassinette, provided by Lynn, will be placed at the front of the church.  People will come forward with their “offerings”/gifts – which do not need to be wrapped.  All collected baby items will then be donated to the pregnancy center.  Shawn will announce, Julie will get announcement information written up & distributed to all who need it.

Connie closed in prayer.