Faith United Methodist Church
Thursday, April 09, 2020
To win new converts to Jesus Christ, unite them with other believers and instruct all in the church to apply God's Word in every area of life.


Friends in Faith, the leadership of Faith UMC met this morning to make a plan to BE Christ's hands & feet during the uncertainty of the spread of COVID-19. We are all in this together, not to panic or become fearful, but to co-partner with our community so that we can all return to life as normal as soon as possible. We are committed to the greater good of ALL God's Beloved.


Because of our love for Christ's Church and our community, we have made the following adjustments:

  • In person worship is suspended through March 29th. We will continue to be in contact with the greater UM church and health officials in the event of any further changes.

  • Worship will be streamed via facebook live or prerecording beginning tomorrow, March 15th as technology allows (we'll keep you updated)

  • In all person meetings & small groups for the week of March 15th are canceled.

  • The church office will be open during regular hours Monday through Friday from 9 am-12 pm

  • We hope to use video conferencing beginning the week of March 22nd through March 29th. (we'll keep you updated)

  • Leadership is contacting those within our area (listed in our directory) today informing them of our plans.

  • We are building a network to assist those in need of grocery, medicine or meal delivery. If you NEED help or CAN help with deliveries, please respond on this page in a private message.

  • We are inviting EVERYONE to be the church by calling and sending cards of encouragement to one another.

  • Finally, pray for one another, pray that hearts & lives will be changed through this circumstance. As Paul wrote to the church in Colosse, "Don’t be weary in prayer; keep at it; watch for God’s answers, and remember to be thankful...Don’t forget to pray for us too, that God will give us many chances to preach the Good News of Christ" Colossians 4:2-3 TLB



We are located in the picturesque city of Cambridge at 500 South 7th Street, in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountain region of eastern Ohio and have been serving Christ since 1891.

Our Pastor is Georgette Gaston.  

We invite you to come and worship the Lord Jesus Christ with us and receive His saving grace. Sunday School begins at 9:15 A.M. and Worship Service begins every Sunday at 10:20 A.M.   

 All are welcome! Come as you are!